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Welcome to Etuve Food (Alberta)

Welcome to Étuvé where culinary art meets technological innovation.   

We are a gourmet Sous-Vide company helping the food service industry deliver better foods.  Sous-Vide, a European innovation developed in the 1970’s as a revolutionary way of preparing food, places ingredients in a vacuum-sealed plastic pouch and slowly cooks them at very low temperatures in a circulating water bath.  Prized for its ability to cook meats evenly from edge to edge while maintaining all the juices, aromas, and nutrients, Sous-Vide not only tenderizes and enriches the flavour of all cuts of meat, but it does so in a process free of any chemical intervention.  And all Étuvé products are gluten free. 

Étuvé is the first company in Canada to master the art of sous-vide cooking within the rigorous requirements of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.  With Étuvé the art of sous-vide cooking becomes available to a much larger audience, since Étuvé provides the proteins by which almost anyone can prepare a gourmet sous-vide meal with minimal preparation time.

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